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Your Trusted Partner in Animal Removal and Wildlife Control

Free the wild from your worries with animal removal and wildlife control. We specialize in the humane eviction of raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, bats, and dead animals to restore your property back to peacefulness.

Professional and Affordable
Animal Removal

Our dedicated team of experts understands the stress and inconvenience that wildlife infestations can bring. This is why we offer top-notch services at budget-friendly prices. With years of experience in the field, we employ humane techniques to ensure the swift and effective removal of unwanted animals from your property.

Trust us to handle raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, bats, and more with the gentleness they deserve. Say goodbye to wildlife disturbances and hello to a critter-free environment. Choose our reliable services for a harmonious and affordable solution to your animal removal needs.

Why Choose Us?

Experience, Expertise, and Excellence in Wildlife Control Services

When it comes to wildlife control services, choose us for our skilled technicians, ethical removal practices, guaranteed satisfaction, and reliable warranties. Our specialized wildlife professionals are trained in animal removal and proofing for various areas of your property. We even offer a free inspection! If that’s not reason enough to choose us, we don’t know what is.

Skilled Technicians

Our skilled technicians undergo rigorous training in animal removal. They are also master hands in critter-proofing various areas of your property.

Ethical Removal

We prioritize ethical practices, ensuring the humane removal of animals and employing animal-proofing techniques for long-term solutions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are available round the clock, ready to address any wildlife control emergencies, ensuring immediate assistance when you need it.

Reliable Warranty

With a dedication to customer satisfaction, we guarantee effective results and wildlife-free property, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our Services

Comprehensive Animal Removal, Control, & Proofing

Get professional animal removal, control, and proofing services – all under one roof. We specialize in humane removal techniques and offer effective solutions to rid your property of raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, bats, and dead animals.

Raccoon Removal

Enjoy raccoon removal services at affordable prices. With a team of experienced wildlife technicians, we ensure that raccoons are effectively and safely evicted from your property. From raccoon trapping to one-way door installations, we provide long-term solutions to raccoon infestations. Trust us for the best raccoon removal services.

Squirrel Removal

Our squirrel removal services are designed to help you say goodbye to squirrel shenanigans. We’re experts in giving those fluffy-tailed troublemakers the eviction notice they deserve and humanely removing them from your property, ensuring peace and quiet. Don’t let squirrels drive you nuts – let us handle the squirrel hustle with finesse.

Skunk Removal

Banish skunk stench, trust the best! Our skunk removal services are the aromatic antidote you need. We’ll whisk away those smelly culprits with finesse, leaving your property fresh and skunk-free. Say goodbye to pungent encounters and hello to a fresh-smelling space. Choose us for skunk evictions that will make your nose applaud!

Importance of Humane Animal Removal

Humane animal removal is crucial for ethical and compassionate wildlife control. It goes beyond simply addressing the problem and focuses on respecting the lives and well-being of animals. By employing humane techniques, such as live trapping and relocation, we prioritize the safety and dignity of the creatures we encounter. It reflects our responsibility as stewards of the environment, showing that we can coexist with wildlife harmoniously. Humane animal removal not only safeguards the welfare of animals but also fosters a more sustainable and balanced ecosystem. Remember, kindness towards our furry neighbors is always the wittiest approach! In a nutshell humane animal removal…


Preserves life’s value
Fosters empathy and connection
Ensures safety for all
Promotes responsible wildlife management
Maintains ecological balance
Is a sustainable, compassionate choice

FAQ About Our Animal Removal Services

Our FAQ section is your go-to resource for all inquiries about animal and wildlife removal in Toronto & GTA. If you’re curious about how those mischievous creatures are handled, look no further! We’ve answered the most common questions to provide you with all the insight and expert advice. Dive into the world of animal removal in Toronto and explore the solutions you need to keep your property critter-free and your sanity intact.

We specialize in removing a wide range of animals, including raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, bats, and dead animals.

We prioritize prompt responses to your wildlife issues. Our team strives to provide a quick turnaround time and typically responds to wildlife calls within 24-48 hours.

Yes, our technicians are highly experienced in wildlife control. They undergo specialized training and possess the necessary knowledge and skills to handle various wildlife situations effectively.

Yes, our wildlife removal service is available 24/7. We understand that wildlife issues can arise at any time, so we ensure round-the-clock availability to address emergency situations promptly.

We prioritize the safety of both animals and humans during the removal process. Our technicians follow humane practices and use appropriate trapping methods, protective gear, and equipment to minimize risks and ensure the safe removal and relocation of wildlife.

Absolutely! In addition to animal removal, we offer comprehensive cleanup services. Our team will sanitize and deodorize the affected areas, remove droppings and debris, and provide necessary repairs to restore your property to a clean and safe condition.

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Your First Service

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Testimonials Speak Volumes

Hear it From Our
Satisfied Clients

Delve into our reviews and testimonials from delighted clients who have experienced our outstanding wildlife control services. We go above and beyond to provide exceptional and prompt assistance for properties plagued by critters. These testimonials affirm the satisfaction and peace of mind we consistently deliver to our valued customers.

Josie Genovese
Josie Genovese
Thank you! So grateful to have found 21 Wildlife! We had a dead raccoon under our deck and Omid was so quick to schedule the removal same day even in the pouring rain! He went above and beyond, his pricing was very fair and he was a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend to anyone needing these services!
Sarah Majdedin
Sarah Majdedin
I am hamid. He came to my house and did a very good job, very polite boys. i recommend them for animal control. Five ????
Arshasb MMA
Arshasb MMA
21 wild life and Omid were great. They came in right away same day when we had an issue with raccoon. Background: A mama Raccoon managed to get into the basement floor by digging through an extension under our kitchen. When we noticed some sounds, we realized that the mama raccoon had babies as well. 21 wild life to the rescue: When we noticed the issue and called 21 WLC, they showed up within an hour to look at the problem. Omid found the issue how the raccoon got in and advised what needs to be done. He set the right expectations as what can and can not be done and what issue he might have such as access issue etc. He came in next day and work on it right away to put the one way door and add mesh around area raccoon or other animals can not access. He was kind enough to also fix the home in the extension raccoon damaged. There area was not very accessible. He also works based on the ethics and rules of animal rights which we appreciate it. We highly recommend him and definitely will use him though i sincerely hope we never ever get this problem to start with.
Highly recommend, very professional and always follow the results
Shervin Bolboli
Shervin Bolboli
One of the best services for Raccoons removal in GTA. I recommend 21 Wildlife 100% Fast and reliable. Best prices and extremely professional. Thanks Omid
Alnoor Gulamani
Alnoor Gulamani
I called them to deal with squirrels in my attic ; very professional , honest and reasonable. Installed one way door and was able to resolve the issue within a couple of days .
Laura Siu
Laura Siu
Called 21 Wildlife Control this afternoon with a bat problem in my house, Omid was very good and conducted an initial inspection but nothing found. By evening hours, we called Omid back when the bat was seen and he arrived within 10 minutes, 5 minutes later the bat was caught. Thank you Omid!!
Julian Papes
Julian Papes
After too many raccoon encounters, I called 21 Wildlife Control. Omid came right away and installed netting to prevent raccoons from entering attic. The very next night, the raccoons came back but they couldn't get into the attic! Thank goodness for Omid and 21 Wildlife Control!
Mohsen Bagherzadeh
Mohsen Bagherzadeh
We would never hesitate referring anyone to this business. We had an issue of a Raccoon trying to get in our house aggressively had been ripping the vents. We were more than pleased with (21Wildlifecontrol) who professionally, proofed our house and secured all points of possible entry. I am so appreciated their quick response and excellent service which was of great comfort our life. Special thanks to Omid for his super professional work that fast had fixing our problem.