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Expert Animal Control Services in Aurora

Removing Wildlife, Safe & Sound

Seeking critter salvation in Aurora? Look no further! At 21 Wildlife Control, our team of experienced critter terminators is committed to ethically eliminating raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, bats, and even dead animals in the gentlest way possible. With our fearless approach and effective solutions, we triumph over any wildlife challenge with surefire glory, safeguarding homes and businesses alike. Schedule a free inspection now and witness our unmatched expertise firsthand!

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Professional and Affordable
Wildlife Removal Services in Aurora

Say goodbye to persistent critters and invite tranquility with our unmatched wildlife removal services in Aurora! Our proficient team possesses extraordinary powers to evict creatures, liberating your property from the disruption caused by these unwelcome trespassers. Reclaim your peace of mind and property today!

Raccoon Removal

Seeking respite from raccoon mayhem in Aurora? Our exceptional team springs into action, armed with innovative methods for hassle-free eviction. Prepare for raccoon-free bliss, where peace and serenity reign supreme!

Squirrel Removal

Escape the squirrel circus! In Aurora, our squirrel evictors bring unparalleled skills to liberate your domain from those wily troublemakers. Trust our experts to restore peace, as squirrels embark on new tree-dwelling adventures.

Skunk Removal

Leave behind the odorous odyssey! Our Aurora skunk masters are experts in banishing these fragrant tricksters. Embrace the sweet smell of success as skunks make a speedy escape somewhere else!

Bird Removal

Prepare to soar into a bird-free oasis! Our Aurora bird removers artfully escort those winged invaders away. Embrace peace as we ensure your skies are harmonious and your space reclaimed.

Bat Removal

Unlock liberation from bat upheaval! Our talented bat wranglers are masters at evicting these winged mischief-makers. Invite tranquility as bats take flight on moonlit adventures, leaving your space undisturbed and serene!

Dead Animal Removal

Greet a critter-free oasis! With finesse, our skilled specialists whisk away departed critters, breathing life into your surroundings. Trust us to escort these fallen souls, offering peace and restoring your tranquil haven.

Who We Are

Trusted Wildlife Control Services in Aurora

At 21 Wildlife Control, we rewrite nature’s script in our audacious quest for wildlife removal supremacy! From high-flying squirrel spectacles in the attic to raccoons turned trash-transformers, skunks conducting pungent symphonies in your yard, and birds leaving “special deliveries” for you, we’ve witnessed it all. Not to mention bats crashing the belfry and staging their own mini funerals on your property – fear not, we’ve got your back!

Prepare for heart-pounding adventures as we battle all these animals – dead or alive and fearlessly confront every creature caper! Come rain or shine, day or night, we stand tall, armed with unmatched control prowess. We tame the wild chaos while honoring nature’s grand design. Embrace the spirit of the untamed, reclaim your space, and bid farewell to the whimsical antics of the animal kingdom. With us, wildlife removal reaches epic proportions! Time to restore order and unleash peace!

Why Choose Us?

Champions of Critter Conquest in Aurora

Embark on an audacious escapade alongside 21 Wildlife Control, where our unmatched mastery meets relentless dedication. We rewrite the rules of critter combat, available ceaselessly to banish intruders. With an unwavering commitment to kindness, your property blossoms into a haven of calm. Let us deliver the extraordinary, for you deserve no less!


Unleashing our wild wisdom, we tame critter chaos in Aurora with tailored wildlife control solutions, honed through years of expertise.


We're the critter whisperers, honing our countless Aurora encounters into skills and expertise. Let us deliver effective wildlife control solutions.


24/7 Availability

A superhero team with no off-switch, we answer the call day and night, conquering wildlife challenges for a tranquil tomorrow.

Humane Solutions

Our relocation rituals ensure critters' escape from your domain, as we embrace their wild hearts and bid farewell to the chaos.

Wildlife and Animal
Removal in Aurora

Aurora, a charming town, is nestled in nature’s embrace. However, amidst its beauty, critters can wreak havoc, causing chaos and disruption. Rascally raccoons rummaging through garbage cans, mischievous squirrels nibbling on electrical wires, and persistent skunks leaving their pungent mark. Fear not, for salvation is at hand! Introducing 21 Wildlife Control, the guardians of Aurora’s tranquility.

Our team of critter conquerors possesses the knowledge, expertise, and finesse to restore harmony. With humane and effective methods, we bid farewell to these unwelcome intruders, relocating them to new homes far from your property. From raccoon rendezvous to squirrel standoffs, we handle it all. Trust in our critter-banishing prowess as we restore peace and ensure Aurora remains a serene haven. Let 21 Wildlife Control be your ally in the battle against critter chaos, reclaiming your domain and preserving Aurora’s natural balance.

FAQs About Wildlife Removal in Aurora

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Aurora’s critters through our comprehensive FAQ section. Explore the intricacies of animal and wildlife removal, unraveling expert solutions to your questions. Gain valuable insights into handling techniques and property maintenance, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with nature. Let our esteemed resource be your guiding light, offering Aurora residents a wealth of knowledge and practical solutions for critter control endeavors.

Look for chewed wires, torn insulation, or damaged structures. Listen for unusual scratching or scampering sounds. Spot droppings, tracks, or nests. If you witness critters exploring your property, feasting on garbage, or frolicking in plain sight, it’s a clear sign of a wildlife issue in Aurora.

Aurora’s wildlife realm is an enchanting playground. Witness the masked raccoons’ curious antics, agile squirrels dashing through the trees, and a chorus of birds painting the air with their melodies. Keep watch for the elegant deer’s graceful presence, adding a touch of elegance to this natural wonderland.

Humane removal is our superpower! With a touch of kindness and a pinch of finesse, we whisk critters away to new homes. Our ethical methods ensure that wildlife’s well-being is preserved, leaving no room for harm or distress.

In the ever-changing dance of critter resolution, time becomes a puzzle piece. We dedicate our expertise to solve the wildlife riddle within days to weeks. It’s a transformative journey, where harmony is restored, and your property becomes a sanctuary once again.

Mitigate wildlife infestations by sealing entry points, tightly securing garbage bins, and storing pet food indoors. Trim trees near your property and install mesh screens on vents to deter animal entry. Maintain cleanliness outdoors, consider implementing a protective fence, consult experts for reinforcement, and educate yourself about local wildlife habits to proactively prevent future infestations.

Insurance providers may shy away from Aurora’s wildlife removal realm, leaving you to face critter challenges alone. Fear not, for the hero within you can rise! Embrace proactive strategies to safeguard your territory and reclaim control over your critter-infested destiny.

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Unleash the power of affordability with our exclusive, time-limited opportunity. New clients can delight in an additional 10% discount on our already reduced rates. Say goodbye to critter troubles confidently, while enjoying substantial savings. Don’t delay—reserve our unmatched wildlife removal and control services in Aurora today!

Testimonials Speak Volumes

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Satisfied Clients

Engross yourself in our testimonials, an ode to our unparalleled Aurora wildlife control services. Let the voices of our delighted clients guide you to a realm where critter worries are banished and replaced by tranquility. Check out their experiences right away!

Josie Genovese
Josie Genovese
Thank you! So grateful to have found 21 Wildlife! We had a dead raccoon under our deck and Omid was so quick to schedule the removal same day even in the pouring rain! He went above and beyond, his pricing was very fair and he was a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend to anyone needing these services!
Sarah Majdedin
Sarah Majdedin
I am hamid. He came to my house and did a very good job, very polite boys. i recommend them for animal control. Five ????
Arshasb MMA
Arshasb MMA
21 wild life and Omid were great. They came in right away same day when we had an issue with raccoon. Background: A mama Raccoon managed to get into the basement floor by digging through an extension under our kitchen. When we noticed some sounds, we realized that the mama raccoon had babies as well. 21 wild life to the rescue: When we noticed the issue and called 21 WLC, they showed up within an hour to look at the problem. Omid found the issue how the raccoon got in and advised what needs to be done. He set the right expectations as what can and can not be done and what issue he might have such as access issue etc. He came in next day and work on it right away to put the one way door and add mesh around area raccoon or other animals can not access. He was kind enough to also fix the home in the extension raccoon damaged. There area was not very accessible. He also works based on the ethics and rules of animal rights which we appreciate it. We highly recommend him and definitely will use him though i sincerely hope we never ever get this problem to start with.
Highly recommend, very professional and always follow the results
Shervin Bolboli
Shervin Bolboli
One of the best services for Raccoons removal in GTA. I recommend 21 Wildlife 100% Fast and reliable. Best prices and extremely professional. Thanks Omid
Alnoor Gulamani
Alnoor Gulamani
I called them to deal with squirrels in my attic ; very professional , honest and reasonable. Installed one way door and was able to resolve the issue within a couple of days .
Laura Siu
Laura Siu
Called 21 Wildlife Control this afternoon with a bat problem in my house, Omid was very good and conducted an initial inspection but nothing found. By evening hours, we called Omid back when the bat was seen and he arrived within 10 minutes, 5 minutes later the bat was caught. Thank you Omid!!
Julian Papes
Julian Papes
After too many raccoon encounters, I called 21 Wildlife Control. Omid came right away and installed netting to prevent raccoons from entering attic. The very next night, the raccoons came back but they couldn't get into the attic! Thank goodness for Omid and 21 Wildlife Control!
Mohsen Bagherzadeh
Mohsen Bagherzadeh
We would never hesitate referring anyone to this business. We had an issue of a Raccoon trying to get in our house aggressively had been ripping the vents. We were more than pleased with (21Wildlifecontrol) who professionally, proofed our house and secured all points of possible entry. I am so appreciated their quick response and excellent service which was of great comfort our life. Special thanks to Omid for his super professional work that fast had fixing our problem.

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