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Expert Animal Control Services in Vaughan

Safely Removing Wildlife Intruders

Need wildlife and animal control services in Vaughan? 21 Wildlife Control reigns supreme! Our seasoned professionals, the critter terminators, ethically and humanely evict raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, bats, and even the dearly departed. With effective solutions, we overcome wildlife challenges, ensuring safety and tranquility in residential and commercial spaces. If you’ve got a wildlife infestation on your property, don’t wait. Schedule a free inspection and witness our unmatched expertise firsthand!

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Tired of critter chaos on your property? Let us assess the situation with a free inspection for wildlife control in Vaughan!

Our Services

Professional and Affordable Wildlife Removal Services in Vaughan

Escape the clutches of pesky critters and rediscover tranquility with our unmatched wildlife eradication services in Vaughan! With unrivaled expertise, our adept team banishes these unwelcome intruders, freeing your property from their disruptive presence. Reclaim your peace of mind and reclaim your sanctuary today!

Raccoon Removal

Troubled by raccoon shenanigans in Vaughan? Fear not! Our crack squad employs cutting-edge techniques, giving those crafty critters a one-way ticket out. Eviction made easy, raccoons won’t know what hit ’em!

Squirrel Removal

Break free from squirrel havoc! In Vaughan, our squirrel liberators excel at restoring tranquility by evicting these bushy-tailed ruffians. Trust our expertise while squirrels seek new dwellings amidst the treetop haven.

Skunk Removal

Outsmart the aroma ambush in Vaughan. Our skilled skunk evictors restore harmony by banishing these pungent pranksters. Embrace an air of serenity as skunks beat a hasty retreat, leaving your senses delighted and odor-free!

Bird Removal

Defy the batty invasion! Our skilled bat tamers specialize in reclaiming your space from these winged interlopers. Embrace serenity as bats take flight on moonlit escapades, leaving you to revel in uninterrupted bliss!

Bat Removal

Avoid batty encounters! Our adept bat wranglers specialize in liberating your space from these winged interlopers. Escape the grip of nocturnal flutterers and embrace serenity while bats seek moonlit escapades elsewhere!

Dead Animal Removal

Reclaim a sanctuary free from the specters of critters past! Our team gracefully remove lifeless beings, resurrecting peace. Rest assured, as we bid adieu to these departed souls and rejuvenate your surroundings.

Who We Are
Trusted Wildlife Control Services in Vaughan

Unleash your wild side with 21 Wildlife Control, where we have revolutionized the art of critter liberation! Brace yourself for audacious exploits as we defend your property from nature’s impish cohorts. We’re not just wildlife warriors; we’re bold protectors of serenity, banishing chaos with panache!

From squirrels staging acrobatic extravaganzas in attics to raccoons leading trashy rebellions, skunks composing stinky symphonies in yards, birds presenting surprise ‘gifts,’ and bats crashing belfries uninvited, we’ve seen it all.

Fear not, for we’re the guardians of harmony! We’ve got the solutions we need to get rid of those animals. Whether day or night, rain or shine, our intrepid team stands prepared. We’ve even mastered the art of animal control, harmonizing your space while respecting nature’s whimsical design. Embrace the untamed spirit within and reclaim your domain from the uproarious mischief of the animal kingdom!

Why Choose Us?

Vaughan's Critter

Venture into the untamed realm of wildlife solutions alongside 21 Wildlife Control, where our unrivaled experience melds with unwavering resolve. We transcend time, available round the clock, banishing critter chaos with a humane touch. Witness the transformation as your property becomes an oasis of serenity. Discover true peace!


We're the critter whisperers, expanding our Vaughan experience through countless encounters. Let our team deliver effective wildlife control solutions.


Witness the fusion of expertise and experience as we vanquish critter invasions in Vaughan with tailored wildlife control solutions


24/7 Availability

From dusk till dawn, we're your guardians against wildlife invasion. Call upon us, and we will swiftly restore order.

Humane Solutions

Like custodians of nature's harmony, we gently guide critters towards fresh horizons, leaving your property in bliss while their hearts remain undisturbed.

Wildlife and Animal
Removal in Vaughan

Critter conundrums in Vaughan run wild! Raccoons rummage through garbage cans, squirrels scamper through attics, and skunks stage pungent invasions. Fear not, for salvation awaits with 21 Wildlife Control! Our expert team possesses the secret recipe for critter removal success. With finesse and precision, we bid adieu to raccoon ruckus, evict squirrels from their cozy abodes, and restore harmony by banishing skunk stench.

Our humane methods ensure critters find new homes, unharmed and hearts undisturbed. We are the guardians of peace, bringing tranquility back to your Vaughan domain. From critter capture to exclusion, we’re the critter whisperers you can trust. Let us be your shield against critter chaos, as we restore serenity and reclaim your space from the unruly critter kingdom. Say goodbye to critter troubles and embrace a critter-free haven with 21 Wildlife Control in Vaughan!

FAQs About Wildlife Removal in Vaughan

Step into the realm of wisdom and discovery with our dedicated FAQ section, tailor-made for Vaughan’s wildlife enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of clever critters, unraveling expert solutions to your queries. Equip yourself with valuable insights and practical tips, transforming your property into a critter-free sanctuary. Embrace our go-to resource, exclusively designed for Vaughan residents seeking animal and wildlife removal guidance.

Observe any sudden increase in wildlife sightings around your property. Notice unusual damage to outdoor structures, such as fences or bird feeders. Hear loud scurrying or scratching noises in walls or ceilings. If you experience any of these signs, chances are you have a wildlife issue in Vaughan.

In Vaughan’s vibrant tapestry of nature, prepare to encounter a bustling wildlife cast. Curious raccoons venture forth, agile squirrels bound through trees, while the melodious symphony of birds fills the air. Keep an eye out for graceful deer and the occasional red fox, adding enchantment to the landscape.

Humane is our middle name! We employ a menagerie of ingenious strategies, from critter-friendly traps to compassionate eviction techniques. We bid farewell to wildlife with utmost care, respecting their place in the natural world.

Patience is key in the realm of critter resolution. While the timeline fluctuates, we dedicate ourselves to solving the wildlife riddle within a reasonable timeframe. It’s a delicate dance between their persistence and our expertise, leading to a harmonious conclusion in due course.

Securely seal entry points, like gaps in walls or roofs, to block critter access. Keep garbage bins closed and store pet food indoors. Trim tree branches near your home and install mesh screens on vents. Maintain a clean outdoor area, consider fencing, and consult professionals for reinforcement. Educate yourself on local wildlife habits for effective prevention.

While some insurance policies may surprise you with coverage, the wild realm of wildlife removal in Vaughan often resides outside their domain. Be your own hero and protect your abode with preventative measures that send critters packing.

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First Service

We extend a special limited-time offer to welcome you as a new client. Take advantage of an extra 10% discount on our already reduced rates. Say goodbye to critter woes, embracing peace of mind while enjoying remarkable cost savings. Embrace affordable wildlife removal and control services in Vaughan now!

Testimonials Speak Volumes

Hear it From Our
Satisfied Clients

Behold all the praises for our Vaughan wildlife control services! Satisfied clients have bestowed us with resounding testimonials, a testament to our dedication to providing unrivaled peace of mind. Immerse yourself in their stories and embark on your critter-free journey today.

Josie Genovese
Josie Genovese
Thank you! So grateful to have found 21 Wildlife! We had a dead raccoon under our deck and Omid was so quick to schedule the removal same day even in the pouring rain! He went above and beyond, his pricing was very fair and he was a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend to anyone needing these services!
Sarah Majdedin
Sarah Majdedin
I am hamid. He came to my house and did a very good job, very polite boys. i recommend them for animal control. Five ????
Arshasb MMA
Arshasb MMA
21 wild life and Omid were great. They came in right away same day when we had an issue with raccoon. Background: A mama Raccoon managed to get into the basement floor by digging through an extension under our kitchen. When we noticed some sounds, we realized that the mama raccoon had babies as well. 21 wild life to the rescue: When we noticed the issue and called 21 WLC, they showed up within an hour to look at the problem. Omid found the issue how the raccoon got in and advised what needs to be done. He set the right expectations as what can and can not be done and what issue he might have such as access issue etc. He came in next day and work on it right away to put the one way door and add mesh around area raccoon or other animals can not access. He was kind enough to also fix the home in the extension raccoon damaged. There area was not very accessible. He also works based on the ethics and rules of animal rights which we appreciate it. We highly recommend him and definitely will use him though i sincerely hope we never ever get this problem to start with.
Highly recommend, very professional and always follow the results
Shervin Bolboli
Shervin Bolboli
One of the best services for Raccoons removal in GTA. I recommend 21 Wildlife 100% Fast and reliable. Best prices and extremely professional. Thanks Omid
Alnoor Gulamani
Alnoor Gulamani
I called them to deal with squirrels in my attic ; very professional , honest and reasonable. Installed one way door and was able to resolve the issue within a couple of days .
Laura Siu
Laura Siu
Called 21 Wildlife Control this afternoon with a bat problem in my house, Omid was very good and conducted an initial inspection but nothing found. By evening hours, we called Omid back when the bat was seen and he arrived within 10 minutes, 5 minutes later the bat was caught. Thank you Omid!!
Julian Papes
Julian Papes
After too many raccoon encounters, I called 21 Wildlife Control. Omid came right away and installed netting to prevent raccoons from entering attic. The very next night, the raccoons came back but they couldn't get into the attic! Thank goodness for Omid and 21 Wildlife Control!
Mohsen Bagherzadeh
Mohsen Bagherzadeh
We would never hesitate referring anyone to this business. We had an issue of a Raccoon trying to get in our house aggressively had been ripping the vents. We were more than pleased with (21Wildlifecontrol) who professionally, proofed our house and secured all points of possible entry. I am so appreciated their quick response and excellent service which was of great comfort our life. Special thanks to Omid for his super professional work that fast had fixing our problem.

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Latest Posts on Wildlife Removal and Control in Vaughan

Experience an enlightening odyssey through our blog, where a bountiful reserve of critter wisdom eagerly awaits your arrival! Engage with our expertly curated articles on wildlife removal and control in Vaughan, revealing the cryptic wonders of these fascinating creatures.