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Raccoon Removal Services

Experience humane raccoon eviction with our expert raccoon removal services. Trust our professionals to handle raccoon-related challenges with precision and efficiency.

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We offer a 10% discount for first-time customers who sign up for Raccoon removal with us. It’s a steal deal!

Professional Raccoon Removal

Raccoons may seem cute, but they can wreak havoc on your property! Don’t get fooled by their adorable facade. Unleash the power of professional raccoon removal and say goodbye to those masked bandits! Our raccoon removal services are your ticket to a critter-free paradise, without the stress and pitfalls of DIY attempts. Why risk it when you can count on us to save the day?

We’re armed with the latest techniques and tools to get those masters of mischief out of your property and restore peace. Our professional approach ensures effective and humane raccoon removal. We employ methods that prioritize the well-being of both humans and raccoons, minimizing harm and stress to these animals. With our team on the job, skip the DIY disasters and outsmart even the sneakiest critters!

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Hassle-Free Raccoon
Removal by Experts

When it comes to raccoon-proofing your space, we’re your go-to experts! With years of experience and a proven track record, we provide efficient and hassle-free raccoon removal services without you breaking a sweat. Trust us to handle your critter raccoon problems with utmost expertise and professionalism.

100% Guaranteed Removal

Say goodbye to raccoons with confidence! Our 100% guaranteed raccoon removal ensures that we will effectively get rid of those pesky critters from your property, giving you peace of mind.

Same Day Service

No time to waste? We've got you covered! Our same-day raccoon removal service ensures prompt action, so you don't have to wait. Get rid of those pesky animals quickly and smartly!

Competitive Rates

Remove raccoons affordably! Our competitive rates for raccoon removal ensure that you receive top-notch services without burning a hole in your pocket. No cutting corners, no compromising on quality.

Raccoon Removal from Chimney

Raccoons in the chimney can turn your cozy fireplace into a critter residence, bringing potential inconvenience. That’s where our specialized services come to the rescue! Our trained experts possess the knowledge and tools to safely and effectively remove raccoons from your chimney, restoring it back to health. We understand the unique challenges associated with chimney infestations and employ humane techniques to ensure the well-being of both humans and raccoons. Don’t let those troublemakers rule your chimney; allow us to handle the situation swiftly and efficiently. With our expertise, you can enjoy a raccoon-free chimney and cozy evenings by the fire once again.

Raccoon Removal from Under Deck

When raccoons take refuge under your deck, it’s important to address the issue promptly. It’s a tricky task best left to the professionals! Our skilled team is well-equipped to handle raccoons under your deck effectively and safely. We employ humane techniques to evict them while ensuring their well-being. From assessing the situation to implementing the most suitable removal method, we take every precaution to minimize stress for both you and the raccoons. By entrusting us with raccoon removal from under your deck, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll resolve the issue promptly and professionally. Reclaim your deck by contacting us today.

Raccoon Removal from Attic

Raccoons in the attic can quickly become a nightmare, causing damage, making noise, and posing health risks. Thankfully, we exist. We have experts to safely and effectively remove raccoons from your attic so they don’t take over. We begin with a thorough assessment, identifying entry points and evaluating the extent of the infestation. Our humane trapping and removal methods prioritize the well-being of both you and the raccoons. Skilled technicians seal entry points and implement measures to prevent future intrusions. By opting for our professional raccoon removal, you save time and effort while minimizing the risks associated with handling these wild animals

Raccoon Removal from Backyard

Your backyard should be a haven for relaxation, not a raccoon playground. Reclaim it with our professional raccoon removal services. Our expert team safely and efficiently evict raccoons using humane techniques and advanced equipment. From trapping and removal to exclusion strategies, we tailor our approach to your specific situation. Say goodbye to disrupted sleep and property damage caused by these clever critters. Trust us to restore your outdoor space to its former glory, allowing you to relax and enjoy nature without those unwanted furry visitors. With us, prevent raccoons from infesting your backyard and enjoy a critter-free outdoor oasis once again.

Raccoon Removal from Sheds

Trust our expert team for raccoon removal from sheds. We understand the frustration and risks of raccoon infestations, and we’re here to restore peace. Our expert technicians employ humane techniques to safely remove and prevent raccoons’ return. We thoroughly inspect your sheds to figure out entry points and put our exclusion methods to use. With us by your side, raccoons are evicted without harm to them or your property. Don’t let raccoons turn your shed into their den. Say hello to a critter-free environment and goodbye to unwelcome shed squatters. Reclaim your space with our professional raccoon removal expertise today.

Removal of Baby Raccoons

With expertise and compassion, our professional raccoon removal services handle the delicate task of removing baby raccoons. We understand the importance of preserving the natural bond between mother and offspring, ensuring their safety and well-being. Our team carefully assesses the situation, employing specialized techniques to reunite the babies with their mothers whenever possible. We prioritize the harmonious balance between raccoon families and your property, providing a responsible and humane solution. Trust us to navigate this sensitive process with skill and professionalism, offering peace of mind knowing that the baby raccoons are handled with care while effectively managing their presence on your premises.

Raccoon Removal

Our raccoon removal services begin with a detailed inspection to identify the entry points of the animals and assess the extent of the infestation that has occured. Using humane techniques, we safely evict raccoons from your property. We then employ exclusion methods to prevent future entry by sealing off vulnerable areas. Our experienced team ensures a meticulous cleanup, including the removal of droppings and sanitization of affected areas.

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FAQs About Raccoon Removal Services

Curious about raccoon removal? Look no further! Our Raccoon Removal FAQs have got you covered. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of commonly asked questions to provide you with the insights you need. Whether you are wondering about the signs of a raccoon infestation, the best time for removal, or the methods employed, we will answer it all! Gain knowledge, banish raccoon-related worries, and embark on a critter-free journey with us!

Signs of raccoons in your home include loud noises at night, damage to your property or trash cans, holes in the ground, paw prints, droppings, and strong odors. If you spot these indicators, it’s time to call in the professionals for expert raccoon removal.

A raccoon infestation can cause extensive damage to your property, spread diseases, and pose a threat to your safety. Don’t underestimate their cleverness and potential for destruction. Raccoon-borne diseases include typhus, bubonic plague, lyme disease, rabies, tick paralysis, and rocky mountain spotted fever.

Raccoons are omnivorous creatures with a varied diet. They feast on a range of foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, insects, small mammals, eggs, and even garbage. Their adaptability allows them to thrive in both natural and urban environments, which is how they are able to invade and infest your property.

While raccoons are typically not aggressive toward humans, they can become defensive if they feel threatened or cornered. It’s important to keep a safe distance and avoid direct contact to minimize any potential risks. Also, they are carriers of various diseases that can harm humans.

To deter raccoons, secure garbage cans with tight-fitting lids, eliminate food sources such as pet food left outside, seal potential entry points to your home, and trim tree branches near rooftops. These preventive measures can help reduce the likelihood of raccoon infestations.

It’s not recommended to handle raccoon removal on your own. Raccoons can be carriers of diseases, and removing them without proper knowledge and equipment can be dangerous. It’s best to rely on professional raccoon removal services to ensure safe and effective removal while minimizing risks to yourself and the raccoons.

Get 10% Off Your
First Raccoon Removal

For a limited time, new clients can enjoy a 10% discount on raccoon removal services from us! Use our raccoon removal coupon and say goodbye to the critters with confidence and savings. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer! Book now and experience effective raccoon removal at an unbeatable price!

Testimonials Speak Volumes

Hear it From Our
Satisfied Clients

Explore our raccoon removal testimonials, which we received from our happy clients. We take great pride in walking that extra mile to deliver exceptional and timely services for raccoon-infested properties. These customer reviews are a testament to the satisfaction and peace of mind we deliver.

Josie Genovese
Josie Genovese
Thank you! So grateful to have found 21 Wildlife! We had a dead raccoon under our deck and Omid was so quick to schedule the removal same day even in the pouring rain! He went above and beyond, his pricing was very fair and he was a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend to anyone needing these services!
Sarah Majdedin
Sarah Majdedin
I am hamid. He came to my house and did a very good job, very polite boys. i recommend them for animal control. Five ????
Arshasb MMA
Arshasb MMA
21 wild life and Omid were great. They came in right away same day when we had an issue with raccoon. Background: A mama Raccoon managed to get into the basement floor by digging through an extension under our kitchen. When we noticed some sounds, we realized that the mama raccoon had babies as well. 21 wild life to the rescue: When we noticed the issue and called 21 WLC, they showed up within an hour to look at the problem. Omid found the issue how the raccoon got in and advised what needs to be done. He set the right expectations as what can and can not be done and what issue he might have such as access issue etc. He came in next day and work on it right away to put the one way door and add mesh around area raccoon or other animals can not access. He was kind enough to also fix the home in the extension raccoon damaged. There area was not very accessible. He also works based on the ethics and rules of animal rights which we appreciate it. We highly recommend him and definitely will use him though i sincerely hope we never ever get this problem to start with.
Highly recommend, very professional and always follow the results
Shervin Bolboli
Shervin Bolboli
One of the best services for Raccoons removal in GTA. I recommend 21 Wildlife 100% Fast and reliable. Best prices and extremely professional. Thanks Omid
Alnoor Gulamani
Alnoor Gulamani
I called them to deal with squirrels in my attic ; very professional , honest and reasonable. Installed one way door and was able to resolve the issue within a couple of days .
Laura Siu
Laura Siu
Called 21 Wildlife Control this afternoon with a bat problem in my house, Omid was very good and conducted an initial inspection but nothing found. By evening hours, we called Omid back when the bat was seen and he arrived within 10 minutes, 5 minutes later the bat was caught. Thank you Omid!!
Julian Papes
Julian Papes
After too many raccoon encounters, I called 21 Wildlife Control. Omid came right away and installed netting to prevent raccoons from entering attic. The very next night, the raccoons came back but they couldn't get into the attic! Thank goodness for Omid and 21 Wildlife Control!
Mohsen Bagherzadeh
Mohsen Bagherzadeh
We would never hesitate referring anyone to this business. We had an issue of a Raccoon trying to get in our house aggressively had been ripping the vents. We were more than pleased with (21Wildlifecontrol) who professionally, proofed our house and secured all points of possible entry. I am so appreciated their quick response and excellent service which was of great comfort our life. Special thanks to Omid for his super professional work that fast had fixing our problem.

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