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Squirrel Removal Services

Take our professional squirrel removal services to safeguard your property from those annoying gnawers. We handle squirrel infestations efficiently, effectively, and humanely.

10% Discount

We offer a 10% discount for first-time customers who sign up for squirrel removal with us. It’s a steal deal!

Professional Squirrel Removal

Squirrels mess up yards and homes, chew through wires like they’re at a lumberjack convention, and carry diseases such as rabies like it’s their side hustle. We’re here to save the day with our professional squirrel removal services. Our experts know their stuff, armed with the knowledge, experience, and tools to trap and relocate those furry troublemakers without causing any harm.

We’ll even sniff out their secret entry points and fortify your defenses to prevent future infestations. Say goodbye to property damage and hello to peace of mind. Don’t let those innocent-looking critters fool you – they are trouble in disguise. Let us be your squirrel-slaying superheroes and handle those bushy-tailed invaders while you sit back and relax. It’s time to reclaim your home, wire by wire, from those sneaky acorn hoarders.

Why Call Us

Squirrel Removal
Made Easy

When it comes to squirrel eviction, we’re the only squirrel whisperers you’ll need! With a knack for outsmarting those bushy-tailed troublemakers, we provide efficient and stress-free squirrel removal services that will leave you impressed. Trust us to handle your squirrel skirmishes with the utmost expertise and professionalism.

100% Guaranteed Removal

Bye-bye, squirrels! Our 100% guarantee ensures those annoying meddlers vanish from your property for good. Say yes to squirrel removal with confidence and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Same Day Service

We offer swift solutions for your squirrel woes! Our same-day squirrel removal service ensures prompt action, eliminating those rodents without delay. Bid farewell to bushy tails with speed and efficiency!

Competitive Rates

LoEnjoy affordable squirrel removal without compromising on quality! Our competitive rates guarantee top-notch services without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to squirrels in your space without denting your wallet.

Squirrel Removal from Chimney

Squirrels seeking prime real estate in your chimney? No worries, we specialize in squirrel removal and are here to save the day! Our expert squad knows how to evict those fuzzy intruders safely and effectively, transforming your fireplace into a squatter-free haven. We’re well-versed in the unique challenges of chimney infestations and employ humane techniques to protect both you and squirrels. Say no to squirrel invasion and yes to uninterrupted cozy evenings by the fire. Let us handle the mission while you sit back and relax. Trust us, your chimney deserves a break from critters, and we’re here to make it happen

Squirrel Removal from Decks

Tired of sharing your deck with uninvited squirrels? Leave the covert operation to the pros! Our skilled team is armed with the know-how to tackle those deck-dwelling daredevils. With finesse and compassion, we’ll safely evict them from under your deck. Our humane techniques ensure their well-being while restoring your outdoor oasis. From assessing the situation to executing the perfect eviction plan, we minimize stress for all parties involved. Don’t let squirrels monopolize your deck; reclaim it today! Contact us, the masters of squirrel removal, and bid those pesky parkour enthusiasts farewell from your deck. We’re here to make it happen in a flash.

Squirrel Removal from Attic

Do those squirrels think they are the rulers of your attic? Not on our watch! We are here to save the day with our squirrel removal expertise – fully equipped to kick them out safely and effectively. Our team begins with a Sherlock-worthy assessment, tracking down their secret entry points and assessing the extent of the takeover. We take pride in our humane trapping and removal methods that prioritize the well-being of all parties involved. Our skilled technicians lock down those access points and fortify your defenses against future invasions. Say goodbye to squirrel-induced nightmares and hello to a peaceful attic.

Squirrel Removal from Walls

Squirrels in your walls can be a nuisance, causing damage and unsettling noises. Don’t let these intruders take over your home! Take control with our effective squirrel removal strategies. We start by identifying entry points and sealing them off to prevent further access. We utilize humane traps to safely capture and relocate the squirrels in your walls. After that, we thoroughly clean and disinfect affected areas to eliminate any lingering odor and potential health hazards. Finally, we reinforce your defenses by implementing preventative measures like trimming tree branches and securing exterior openings. Contact us and let your walls be squirrel-free – swiftly and effectively.

Squirrel Removal from Sheds

Tired of squirrels treating your shed like a five-star resort? Shed no more tears! Leave it to our crack team to evict those bushy-tailed animals with finesse. We understand the struggle and dangers of squirrel infestations and our experts bring peace back to your shed. Armed with humane tactics, we’ll safely remove and prevent those pesky squirrels from coming back. We comb every nook and cranny, hunting down entry points, and employ our top-notch exclusion methods. Bid farewell to unwanted shed tenants without harming them or your precious property. Don’t let squirrels steal your shed’s spotlight. Reclaim your space today with us!

Squirrel Removal from Porches

Don’t let squirrels ruin your peaceful porch anymore. Our professional squirrel removal team has the expertise to handle these pesky critters swiftly and efficiently. With our humane techniques, we ensure the safe removal of those scurrying animals while minimizing any damage to your porch. Our skilled technicians will assess the situation, implement strategic trapping methods, and seal entry points to prevent future intrusions. Say goodbye to chewed wires, damaged insulation, and relentless squirrel activity. Trust our reliable services to restore serenity to your porch and protect your property from further squirrel invasions. Contact us now for a squirrel-free porch experience!

Squirrel Removal

Squirrel invasion? We’ve got you covered. Step one: Our crack team inspects your place, spotting entry points and gauging the extent of the invasion. Step two: We kick them out humanely. Step three: We seal off weak spots to send those critters packing. Step four: We remove all traces of their unwelcome visit and sanitize. With our squirrel removal services, you’ll be back to enjoying your space in no time!

Contact us for:
Squirrel removal
Squirrel trapping
Squirrel relocation
Squirrel control
One-way door installations
Sealing or screening entry points
•Baby squirrel removal
•Injured squirrel removal
•Orphaned squirrel removal
•Planting squirrel-repellent plants
•Regular house inspections for squirrel infestation
Removing squirrel attractions, including water, fallen fruits, and open trash bins

FAQs About Squirrel Removal Services

Got a squirrel problem on your property? Look no further! Our squirrel Removal FAQs have all the answers you seek. From spotting signs of infestation to the perfect timing for eviction, we have compiled a comprehensive list to squash all your squirrel worries. Discover the methods employed, gain valuable insights, and bid farewell to those mischievous busy tails. Let knowledge be your weapon and squirrel removal your ultimate triumph!

Look for signs like scratching noises, chewed wires or insulation, and droppings. Spotting squirrels entering or exiting your house, or finding nests in attics or walls, confirms their presence.

Squirrel infestations can damage your property, chew through electrical wires causing fire hazards, contaminate areas with droppings, and transmit diseases. They may also attract other pests. Timely removal is crucial to prevent further harm.

Squirrels have a diverse diet, including nuts, seeds, fruits, berries, insects, and even bird eggs. They are resourceful foragers and can target garden plants, bird feeders, and stored food, causing damage in the process.

While squirrels generally avoid human contact, they can bite or scratch when cornered or feeling threatened. Additionally, their droppings may carry diseases like salmonella or cause respiratory issues if inhaled. Caution should be exercised around them.

To prevent squirrel infestations, trim tree branches close to your home, seal off entry points like gaps and holes, use mesh coverings on vents and chimneys, and secure outdoor garbage bins. Remove potential food sources and keep surroundings clean.

Removing squirrels on your own can be challenging and potentially risky. It’s advisable to seek professional assistance from wildlife experts who possess the knowledge, experience, and humane methods to safely remove and relocate squirrels.

Get 10% Off Your
First Squirrel Removal

As a token of our appreciation for choosing our services, we offer a special discount of 10% off your first squirrel removal service. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and experience the professionalism and effectiveness of our squirrel removal solutions at an even more affordable price

Testimonials Speak Volumes

Hear it From Our
Satisfied Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Read our squirrel removal testimonials from satisfied clients who have immensely benefited from our services. We value our customers’ feedback and strive to deliver exceptional results, ensuring their complete satisfaction with our squirrel removal services

Josie Genovese
Josie Genovese
Thank you! So grateful to have found 21 Wildlife! We had a dead raccoon under our deck and Omid was so quick to schedule the removal same day even in the pouring rain! He went above and beyond, his pricing was very fair and he was a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend to anyone needing these services!
Sarah Majdedin
Sarah Majdedin
I am hamid. He came to my house and did a very good job, very polite boys. i recommend them for animal control. Five ????
Arshasb MMA
Arshasb MMA
21 wild life and Omid were great. They came in right away same day when we had an issue with raccoon. Background: A mama Raccoon managed to get into the basement floor by digging through an extension under our kitchen. When we noticed some sounds, we realized that the mama raccoon had babies as well. 21 wild life to the rescue: When we noticed the issue and called 21 WLC, they showed up within an hour to look at the problem. Omid found the issue how the raccoon got in and advised what needs to be done. He set the right expectations as what can and can not be done and what issue he might have such as access issue etc. He came in next day and work on it right away to put the one way door and add mesh around area raccoon or other animals can not access. He was kind enough to also fix the home in the extension raccoon damaged. There area was not very accessible. He also works based on the ethics and rules of animal rights which we appreciate it. We highly recommend him and definitely will use him though i sincerely hope we never ever get this problem to start with.
Highly recommend, very professional and always follow the results
Shervin Bolboli
Shervin Bolboli
One of the best services for Raccoons removal in GTA. I recommend 21 Wildlife 100% Fast and reliable. Best prices and extremely professional. Thanks Omid
Alnoor Gulamani
Alnoor Gulamani
I called them to deal with squirrels in my attic ; very professional , honest and reasonable. Installed one way door and was able to resolve the issue within a couple of days .
Laura Siu
Laura Siu
Called 21 Wildlife Control this afternoon with a bat problem in my house, Omid was very good and conducted an initial inspection but nothing found. By evening hours, we called Omid back when the bat was seen and he arrived within 10 minutes, 5 minutes later the bat was caught. Thank you Omid!!
Julian Papes
Julian Papes
After too many raccoon encounters, I called 21 Wildlife Control. Omid came right away and installed netting to prevent raccoons from entering attic. The very next night, the raccoons came back but they couldn't get into the attic! Thank goodness for Omid and 21 Wildlife Control!
Mohsen Bagherzadeh
Mohsen Bagherzadeh
We would never hesitate referring anyone to this business. We had an issue of a Raccoon trying to get in our house aggressively had been ripping the vents. We were more than pleased with (21Wildlifecontrol) who professionally, proofed our house and secured all points of possible entry. I am so appreciated their quick response and excellent service which was of great comfort our life. Special thanks to Omid for his super professional work that fast had fixing our problem.

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